Especially for you as a visitor of Amsterdam we have composed some home made fresh dishes. Museum Rembrandthouse and the national ballet and opera are around the corner.

Turn your night out in Amsterdam into a total experience

Tisfris is only a short 5-minutes walk away from the Stopera, which means it’s the ideal start of your evening out. We have composed a gorgeous early dinner menu which you can enjoy before your performance. Or come and visit us right after your visit at our neighbours of Museum Rembrandthouse.

uitmenu tisfris amsterdam

Early dinner starts at 16.00 

A small overview of our menu. Our Out-menu is temporarily unavailable.


  • Slow cooked chicken thigh
  • Scottish Angus burger


  • Gamba’s
  • Salad slow cooked salmon


  • Chickpea burger
  • Salad grilled vegetables
  • Salad forest mushrooms
  • Roasted tomato soup

Our company values

Daily fresh

All our dishes are prepared fresh and on a daily basis.

Fresh ingrediënts

We only use fresh, predominantly biological, products of the best quality.

Varying menu

We change our menu on a regular basis to ensure we can offer you the finest and most original dishes (which fit the season).

Creative chefs

Our creative chefs are responsible for the variety of the dishes on our menu, which are predominantly made from biological and sustainable products. We also have a considerable choice of vegetarian and vegan options.

Our products

Fair trade, biological, sustainable, good quality.

Organic Fairtrade coffee

Our luxurious organic coffee consists of carefully selected biological espresso beans, which are farmed without chemicals. This ensures the beans have a unique taste and you can taste the difference. 

Area and history Tisfris

Cafe Tisfris is located in the Pentagon, a residential building, which has been designed by architect Theo Bosch. The complex including the courtyard, which was part of the city renewal of Amsterdam, was completed in 1983 soon after the first part of the subway was built. 2 Jaar after the complex was finalized Cafe Tisfris was founded in 1985 at the Sint Antoniebreestraat 142. Over 35 years later we are still at that same location.

At the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s the municipality of Amsterdam, of which the city hall is located between Tisfris and the Stopera on the Waterloo square, had a plan to construct a 4-lane road next to the subway and the Stopera from the center of Amsterdam to Amsterdam East. However the local residents protested fiercely which led to a cancellation of the plans, but luckily not before the large bridge, adjacent to Tisfris and the Rembrandthuis was built. Because of this our guests can now fully enjoy a sizeable and sunny terrace with a spectacular view. 


Eerder vandaag voor het eerst het Uit-menu geprobeerd. Eten was heerlijk en op tijd geserveerd. Geen stress gehad om op tijd bij onze voorstelling in de Stopera te zijn.

Pieter Feenstra

Had one of the best meals of my LIFE!

Gabriele Maleviciute

Lovely food and great service. Will be back for sure!

Wladimir Schrijver

Café Tisfris Amsterdam

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 142
1011 HB Amsterdam
Tel 020 622 0472



Sunday – wednesday 09.00 – 19.00

Thursday – saturday 09.00 – 20.00

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Tisfris, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 142, 1011 HB Amsterdam